Day: Tuesday

Date: December 19, 2017.

Venue: Fez, Morocco

Photo: Grand Shaykh of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah Prof Dr Sayyid Abdul Wahhab al-Tazi and his brother Dr Sayyid Muhammad al Mujaddidi visited their ancestor’s mausoleum, al Imam Idris al Azhar ibn Idris al Akbar in Fez, Morocco accompanied by Shaykh of The Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah Southeast Asia Dato’ Shaykh Muhammad Fuad bin Kamaludin.

The day was getting late while the cold weather was gripping our skins. Despite of that, the ikhwan remained eager to continue their last visit today; visiting the son of Maulay Idris al Akbar, Maulay Idris al Azhar in the ancient town of Fez, Morocco.

When his father, Maulay Idris al Akbar passed away, he was still 7 months in his mother’s womb. While waiting for Maulay Idris al-Azhar to reach his age of maturity, Maulay Rasyid was entrusted with administering Morocco at that time.

The iconic pride of Morocco, the founder of Fez, leader of the believers Maulay Idris al Azhar has followed the nobility of his father’s legacy. He successfully established an Islamic Civilization like never seen before. When he wanted to begin the building of Fez, he raised his hands to Allah praying:

“O Allah, make this city a city of science and jurisprudence, which in it Your Book is read, and Your Laws are practiced. Make its people from those who strongly hold to the Sunnah and Jama’ah if you preserve this state. ”

Indeed Allah granted his hopes and prayers by making Fez a city filled with knowledge. Scholars of Hadith, Fiqh, linguists, poets and doctors, all of them came to this noble and blessed city and hence light of the people of  to Maghrib illuminated the people of Masyriq as well as shining people with the guidance of Islam hence accepting the religion of Allah.


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