Day: Tuesday
Date: December 19, 2017
Venue: Zerhoun, Morocco

This morning’s journey continues to Zerhoun to visit the mausoleum of Maulay Idris al Akbar ibn Abdullah al Kamil, the distributor of blessings and the founder of Morocco.
Here is a brief profile of this noble Imam:
● He is Amir al Mu’minin Sayyiduna al Imam al Syarif Idris al Akbar ibn Abdullah al Kamil ibn al Hasan al Muthanna ibn al Hasan al Sibt ibn Ali and Fatimah binti Rasulillah SAW.

  • Born in 127 AH / 743 AD. Famously known as the founder of Morocco, and for successfully uniting the people and the state of the west of Arab under an Islamic rule known as the Daulah of Adarisah.
    ● He ahas a noble status in terms of taqwa and knowledge besides possessing a noble family lineage. He is also the ancestor for almost all of the Saadah of Hasaniah which includes Imam Sanusi, Imam Ahmad ibn Idris, Imam Abdul Wahhab al Tazi, Imam Abdul Aziz al Dabbagh, Imam Abu Hasan al Syazuli and Imam Abdus Salam ibn Masyish.

His migration to Morocco in 169 Hijrah was due to the conflict that erupted between the Alawi and the Abbasids in the land of Hijaz which witnessed the bloodshed and massacre of the Prophet’s Descendants.
● His success in establishing an Islamic kingdom in Morocco sparked the jealousy of Harun al Rasyid who was the caliph of the Abbasid caliphate in Baghdad, Caliph.

Having felt that they were unable to conquer the Idrisiah Islamic kingdom in Morocco through military campaigns, they decided to poison Al Imam Idris al Akbar through the gift of a poisonous perfume.

After sniffing the gifted perfume, he then fell sick to his death in 177 Hijrah / 793 AD.

His body was buried in Zerhoun and became the attention of humans from near and afar.

The history of his life was written by Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al Sanusi in his book entitled al Durar al Saniyyah fi Akhbar al Sulalah al Idrisiah.

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