Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris has several students who successfully spread his da’wah. His students travelled around to spread the call towards Islam reaching the lands of Egypt, Libya and Sudan.

One of them is Shaykh Ibrahim al Rasyid who spread the Tariqah in Sudan. His da’wah left the legacy of Rashidiah in Sudan on the name of the Tariqah founded by Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris.
Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab al-Tazi stated that the Ahmadiyya Idrisiah Tariqah wherever it is will only be one path. It is dominant and its supremacy is recognized and acknowledged.

Therefore, we could see that the Sanusi Tariqah could not be found in Sudan because the existence of an authorized body such as the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah there is sufficient enough to expand and spread the Tariqah of Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris.
Before the arrival of Sayyid Abdul ‘Aali ibn Ahmad Idris to Sudan, the Tariqah of Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris was led and supervised by the Rasyidiah as we have previously mentioned before on the role of Shaykh Ibrahim al Rasyid.

However, after the arrival of Sayyid Abdul ‘Aali, all the leaders, followers and family members of the Rasyidiah joined and surrendered themselves under the command of Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah led by Sayyid Abdul’ Aali al Idrisi.
Hence, the Rasyidiah path were no longer there in Sudan as they have all devoted their obedience to the original Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah, which is under the leadership of Sayyid Abdul ‘Aali and his caliphs.

That is how the Rasyidiah in Sudan humbled themselves and were sincere in upholding the supremacy of the leaders of Idrisiah and making them their leaders till this day. This is because they understood the right principles and practicing the the wisdom of Shaykh Ibrahim al Rasyid who once said in his famous prayer, “O Allah, do not pair my name and the name of Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris in name or writing.”

They realize that the goal of the practices was to reach Imam al Akbar Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris through the most noble, authentic and supreme path; through the path of his son Imam Sayyid Abdul ‘Aali al Idrisi.
The history of Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah during its golden age on the Arabian and African peninsular is filled with wisdom, intelligence and sincerity. However, it is unfortunate that it is gone now and lost among those claiming to be from the Ahmadiah here in the Southeast Asia Region today just because they choose to prioritize their respective paths and do not view Ahmadiyya Idrisiah’s main path with the most rightful authority.

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