Indeed, many questions arise from the visitors of our Facebook Page Masyyakhah Tarekat Ahmadiah Idrisiah Southeast Asia where most of the question revolves around a number of problems, dilemmas and ambiguities.
Among them is on the topic of those whose sheikh has passed away. Is it sufficient to continue practicing the Tariqah without a mursyid who guides one’s spiritual journey or does one need to take any other action?
Well, there is a good answer to such question and it is best to be practiced. We do not have to go far to search of answers to solve this dilemma. In fact, we just need to look back at the history of the life of Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris himself.

When Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris he was in his suluk, he was under the guidance of Sayyid Abdul Wahhab al Tazi and he was his spiritual teacher. After the death of Sayyid Abdul Wahhab al-Tazi, he then moved on to his news syeikh, Sayyid Abu al Qasim al Wazir al Ghazi as the guider of his spiritual journey.

After the death of Sayyid Abu al Qasim al Wazir, he intended to seek for a new syeikh from one of the scholars at Fez. But at that moment, he got a sign from Rasulullah SAW to make the Quran as his guider. This means that his spitirual journey has reached its end and has perfected where he has reached the maqam of a Kamil (perfection) from the aspect of tarbiah.

This is what we should practice amongst us. The goal of the Tariqah is to gain Allah’s pleasure and gnostics. Therefore, that process must be continuous. It can’t be stopped and interrupted by the death of a spiritual teacher. In fact, a student is allowed to look for a new spiritual teacher to lead and guide him in his journey until the end of his life.

However, it must be known that one must choose a spiritual teacher who is knowledgeable, mastered the jurisprudence and is one of the superiors in his day. Even more importantly, he should have with him an authenctic chain of narration which is muttasil (connected), and has received the permission of a Grand Shaykh to give out ijazah to others. He must also convey Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris’s practice without any additions or removals.
There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. In every eye and breath, as well as the vastness of knowledge of God.

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