The Grand Shaykh of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah, Prof. Dr. Sayyid Abdul Wahhab al Tazi ibn al Hasan al Idrisi stated that there could only be one Shaykh of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah. Anyone who claims to be the Shaykh of The Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah after the actual Shaykh, even though he is a descendant of Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris, his claim is not valid.

The act of claiming to be the Shaykh of the Tariqah is a form of betrayal towards the Tariqah. Usually such allegations come from among those who are disappointed not to be appointed as the Shaykh or the Caliph of the Tariqah.

Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris did not give the ijazah (permission) of khilafah to all his students. The ijazah received by most of his students is only the ijazah of practicing the Tariqah.

The permission to give someone else the tariqah and talqin of dzikr that was given by Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris were only given to his chosen students such as Sayyid Abdul Rahman al Ahdal (Mufti of Zabid, Yemen) which indicates that there are various types of ijazah in the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah. This means that if a person receives an ijazah of practicing, he or she can’t automatically give others the permission she received.

This matter was practiced since the time of Sayyid Abdul ‘Aali and Sayyid Muhammad al Syarif where neither of them gave their students the ijazah of khilafah even though their students have received the ijazah of practices.

In conclusion, not all from the family of Ahmad ibn Idris are the Syeikhs of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah and not all of them are authorized to give others ijazah and appoint the caliphs.

This is because there is only one Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah in this world. It is now under the leadership and management of al Hasan family, led by Prof. Dr. Sayyid Abdul Wahhab al Tazi al Hasan al Idrisi.
May all Muslims are guided to a true syeikh, who has the chain of narration connected to Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris. There is no such happiness for one until he is gathered with a knowledgeable and true teacher.

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