Grand Shaykh of
The Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah

Prof Dr Sayyid Abdul Wahab al Tazi al Hasan al Idrisi

He was on the 1st of January 1945 in


Contributions at The International Level

  1. He has performed excellent services to the people of Muhammad by establishing 32 universities in the African continent.
  2. Involved in dozens of series of presentations and explanations in international conventions encompassing various scientific fields as well as being involved in conferences discussing the hallmarks of Imam Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris around the world
  • The production of hundreds of high-quality works in various fields as well as producing works that discuss the personality and methods of Imam Ahmad ibn Idris where his work is utilized by Muslims around the world
  • Successfully gathered the knowledge of manqul and ma’qul (aqli and naqli) in him and traced the character of his pennant, al Imam Ahmad ibn Idris. It is very rare to find this in modern scholars nowadays.
  • On his outstanding achievement in the science and spiritual arena, he was crowned Shaykh Masyaikh Tariqah al Muhammadiyyah al Ahmadiyya al Idrisiyya of World.



Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.


Postgraduate Diploma in Children’s Health, London, UK


Certificate of Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates


Licentiate Degree from British Royal College of Medicine and Academician of the Royal College of Surgeons of Great Britain (Academician of the Royal College of Surgeons of Great Britain)


Academician of British Royal College of Doctorate


Fellow at British Royal College of Doctors, Edinburgh, UK


Fellow at the Royal Pediatric and Royal Children’s Health College London, United Kingdom

He received the ijazah of Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah through 2 ways:

  1. He received it from Sayyid al Hasan, from Sayyid Muhammad al Syarif, from Sayyid Abdul ‘Aal, from Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali al Sanusi, from al Imam al Akbar Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris.
  2. He also received the ijazah from King Muhammad Idris al Sanusi, from Sayyid Muhammad al Mahdi al Sanusi from Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali al Sanusi, from Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris.

He is the sixth Grand Shaykh of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah after:

  1. Sayyid Abdul ‘Aal ibn Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris al Idrisi
  2. Sayyid Muhammad al Syarif ibn Sayyid Abdul ‘Aal al Idrisi
  3. Sayyid Muhammad al Mirghani ibn Sayyid Muhammad al Syarif al Idrisi
  4. Sayyid al Hasan ibn Sayyid Muhammad al Syarif al Idrisi
  5. Sayyid Kamil ibn Sayyid al Hasan al Idrisi
  6. Sayyid Abdul Wahhab at Tazi ibn Sayyid al Hasan al Idrisi