Masyyakhah was first established by Sayyid Abdul ‘Aali ibn Ahmad ibn Idris at the zawiyyah of Zainiyyah after he left Jaghbub about a year after the passing of his teacher  Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali al Sanusi on the 7th of September 1859 AD / 9th of Safar 1276 AH.

Imam Ahmad ibn Idris

Imam Ahmad ibn Idris is one of the seminal figures of Islam in the 19th century. He came from the noble family of The Adarisah who were well known in the lands of North Africa. He was a descendant of the Prophet SAW, through Sayyiduna Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abu Talib.

Grand Shaykh

The present Grand Shaykh of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Tariqah is Prof Dr Sayyid Abdul Wahhab al Tazi al Hasan al Idrisi

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Istiqamah is much more better than
a thousand karamah.
- Imam Ahmad ibn Idris al Hasani