from Muslim Scholars

Imam Ahmad ibn Idris was a scholar whose name was frequently mentioned among scholars. Many accounts of Imam Ahmad ibn Idris can be found in their works.  Additionally, there are also those who wrote about their precious moments and memories shared with him.

Al ‘Allamah Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Uqail was one such scholar. He said: “I knew Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris since he migrated to Makkah in the year 1234AH. I found him to be a great scholar who possessed an incomparable knowledge of ma’rifah, syari’ah and haqiqah.”

Mufti of Zabid, Yemen, Shaykhul Islam, Sayyid Abdur Rahman ibn Sulaiman al Ahdal also said: “His arrival is like relief upon those who are sick and medicine for those who are in pain.”

Another Muhaqqiq scholar, Imam Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali al Sanusi said: “I have gained a lot of knowledge from al Ustaz al A’zam Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris. I have learned from him about the subtlety and perfection in the knowledge of hadith, tafsir, tasawwuf and others explained in very a unique way.”